The team at Ruby Play Network have been working hard to bring you the next generation of loyalty rewards and to launch our crowdfunding campaign.


Every step along the way, we have been rewarded ourselves, with the enthusiasm and energy that our community has given back to us.

We are truly lucky to have such a great group of loyal fans and we wanted to create a way for you to be rewarded while you help make the community even better.

We are excited today to announce the launch of our Ruby Play evangelists program. For our amazing evangelists, we are going to put the Ruby Play Network to work rewarding you, for helping us grow the community.

With the release of our Crowdfunding campaign and the continuing growth of our community, we feel it’s the right time to bring in our evangelists to help us expand the network.

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We are asking our evangelists to reach out to your networks, help us spread the word about RUBY’s and bring more people into the community.

We are looking for people that are willing to share our messages on their social networks, send the details about our crowdfunding campaign out to people that might be interested in investing in our future, help us grow and moderate the community and connect us with new companies that might be interested in being a partner in the network.

We will also be looking to you to help us improve the network with your feedback and give us honest suggestions and input on features that we should be developing.

What are we looking for in our evangelists?

We ask that our evangelists have a good understanding of the Ruby Play Network.

We’re happy to answer any questions you might have to get you up to speed.

We ask that you are positive about the project, even in the face of people that are down on crypto.


We can’t make everyone happy.

We ask if you don’t know something, please direct questions to the team.

We ask that if you are going to commit to something that you please follow through on it.

Most importantly, we want you to have fun and enjoy being a critical part of our growing community.


We are based in New Zealand, and while we would love to have you come down and visit us, you don’t need to live here, this would be a remote position.

We have an application that we’re asking anyone that would like to be an evangelist to fill out.

This will help us get to know you and make sure that we have all our bases covered. If this sounds like something that would be exciting to you, then we ask that you fill out this confidential form, and we can reach out to you with more details if it’s a good fit


The nice benefit of being a loyalty rewards platform is that we are well positioned to give you great perks for helping us grow. We want everyone that’s part of our evangelist program to feel that they are part of the team, and you truly are.


Without your help, it will be challenging for us to continue our fabulous growth.

We want to make sure you not only feel important, but you get some great benefits for being an evangelist.


Some of the perks and rewards include:

• RUBY Token rewards (of course!)
• Direct access to the team for questions and feedback
• Bonus rewards for recommending new investors
• Early access to new features and products
• Monthly AMA’s with the team for updates on the project
• Exclusive gifts just for our evangelists
• Special rewards for connecting us with new partners
• And more things to come


The team and I at Ruby Play Network are very excited about opening this new opportunity to connect with our community. We’ve already met some great people, and we’re looking forward to meeting new folks as the network

grows in the days and weeks to come.

Thank you,
Rob Carroll
Chief Growth Officer