Ruby Play Network - real rewards for consumers of online games





The Ruby Play Network provides the ultimate blockchain-based rewards platform solution for our players, and the players of our partnership programs. The RUBY token is cross-platform, enabling use across a wide range of gaming verticals that already exist, and those that are still being developed - such as the metaverse.


What makes RUBY a superior choice for rewards

Our native reward token for the entire Ruby Play Network, including our gaming verticals and those of our blockchain gaming partnerships is the RUBY token.

The RUBY token is built on the Binance Smart Chain and due to the decentralized nature of blockchain, your tokens are in your control completely.

When compared to other popular rewards platforms that you might be more familiar with, the RUBY token outshines and outlasts every single one.

Airline points

Airline rewards points are generally convoluted, expire quickly, are non-transferable, and can be restricted to the airline providing them. The airlines own the points and have a long list of terms and conditions associated, that can often be changed at any time.


Gaming and gambling industry

For the majority of casino rewards provided through most major casinos, there are a series of conditions attached like playthrough, minimum deposits, activity requirements, and expiration dates. The mechanics behind the points can be misleading when it comes to the tangible value and are typically small and restricted to their own locations.

The Ruby Play Network point of difference

Your tokens will never expire

Unlike other rewards programs, the RUBY token is decentralized by nature, cannot be altered or changed, and has no expiration date. Your tokens will never expire.

Your RUBYs have cross platform functionality

Other reward points offer little in cross-platform functionality, whereas with the RUBY token, holders can use these tokens across all partner crypto games projects and platforms including any partner that joins the network in the future.

Your RUBYs are secure

Blockchain technology provides unparalleled security for your RUBYs, with transparency across every transaction made.

You own your RUBYS

The RUBYs you are rewarded are yours and you control what you do with them. Trade, sell, play or hold, the choice is yours.


Our free-to-play games that provide free RUBY rewards

The Ruby Play Network currently owns and operates the RUBY Token rewards platform. We also own and/or manage all of the games with crypto rewards, products, and companies within the RPN network.

Our range of free-to-play games is constantly expanding and providing more ways for you to take home more RUBYs without any cost to you, the player.

Currently, we have several free crypto games for you to take advantage of, all are offering RUBYs as the main reward but some also include other prizes such as NFTs for our gaming creations like PURIPETS and others from partnered NFT creator BOOMER.