Why the Ruby Play Network is the ultimate rewards token for your business





Our team behind the Ruby Play Network and the RUBY token specializes in creating digital content for gaming, media, education, and entertainment. We have a wealth of experience and expertise among us that help provide an edge to your strategy and lift your project well above the competition.

Over the years, we have learned which incentive systems work the best, especially when motivating online customers and players is the goal. We know how to fully utilize them, whether that is with a game created for education in mind, the world of virtual reality, or social casino based products.

The Ruby Play Network will continue to add partners to the blockchain-based rewards platform that are looking for new and innovative ways to retain their customers with blockchain-based rewards. We will also work to bring in new customers to the platform that are excited about new opportunities in gaming and blockchain finance.

As we create, expand, and develop the free crypto games and blockchain verticals of our own creation and of those that partner with the Ruby Play Network, we will bring the entire network to the forefront of the ever-growing blockchain-gaming industry.


The next-gen customer acquisition and retention platform

There are two very important things that every business needs, in order to achieve success and maintain longevity in the current digital space:

  • Attract more customers and to retain them for repeat business
  • Derive additional value from these new and existing customers

As game developers, we have learned that in the digital space, it can sometimes be difficult to attract new customers or keep the existing customers coming back repeatedly. This is often due to a vast array of competing interests and businesses, all of which are contesting for your potential customers’ attention.

As a result, it is crucially important to maximize the value potential from new and existing customers wherever possible.

Our solution intends to deliver not only an effective rewards platform that brings new value dimensions and possibilities, but also the experience, as well as the knowledge to deploy it seamlessly and effectively within the platform or system that you have created.


What makes the RUBY token different to other rewards programmes

True ownership - true control

RUBYs are your own reward, you and your customers own and control what you do with them.

Secure and transparent

The RUBY token is built on a public blockchain ledger. This chain is highly secure, transparent and every transaction is recorded. Blockchain does the heavy lifting.

Rewards without expiration

Because RUBYs do not belong to any one company and are decentralized, they belong to the holder. There is no expiration date on any of them and one cannot be added.

Cross-platform rewards

RUBYs are decentralized and can be used by any partner. You can reward your customers in RUBYs across multiple crypto games platforms and systems.


The RUBY token - the rewards token for your proposition

RUBY - The blockchain rewards token that we utilize to provide a solution to customer retention for the platform or system that you create. The RUBY token allows ourselves and our blockchain gaming partnerships to reward, engage and retain their customers with a reward that does not expire, cannot be falsified or copied, and provides cross-platform functionality.

Customers hold these RUBYs in their own secure wallet and will have numerous opportunities to use their token rewards, on our Ruby Play Network platform or with you, our partners.

Our solution delivers a reward option that provides new value dimensions. The blockchain gaming coin RUBY, will grow in its impact on players as our network grows, encouraging participation in how our network develops and evolves, while also being owned and governed by the holders.