Blockchain gaming partnerships with Ruby Play Network





The Ruby Play Network (RPN) is the operator of the entire RUBY Token rewards platform. All of the blockchain-based rewards platform, products, and companies within the network, are all owned or managed by the Ruby Play Network.

The RPN is a blockchain-powered platform that provides real tangible value to customers and players through the use of blockchain rewards. The platform and token that we have created will build the next generation of loyalty and retention for B2C interactions.

RPN and its platform will help provide the ultimate solution to the ongoing problem that businesses have when bringing in new customers, keeping them engaged, and in the end, retaining them.

Our goal is to create an entire network of blockchain gaming partnerships with various partner projects who are excited about new opportunities within the gaming and blockchain finance verticals.


The RUBY token is the ultimate reward option for consumers

Through the use of the RUBY token, our own gaming creations, and those of our blockchain gaming partnerships creations, we can bring much-needed change to a multitude of verticals like the blockchain game industry, for the mutual benefit of the projects and the users.

The RUBY token is a cross-platform game coin solution that works across almost any system and can be adopted by anyone wanting to reward their users and customers with reward points that have real value.

There is no expiration date for the RUBY token, it is owned entirely by the holders and is secure - blockchain provides benefits that other rewards platforms and services cannot compete with.


The Ruby Play Network -the ultimate B2B solution

With the Ruby Play Network, our team has brought together their decades of combined experience to create an unrivaled rewards system that provides B2B solutions, rewarding customers and players at the same time.

We have shown through our current gaming verticals that play-to-earn rewards options like the RUBY token, are the most effective solution for businesses that want to incentivize and motivate their customers for repeat engagement and interaction.

A prime example and the Ruby Play Network's top-performing play-to-earn project is Charchingo.

Charchingo is a selection of games with crypto rewards and has become a smash-hit. It has provided the Ruby Play Network with a blueprint for growth and ongoing customer retention due to the following successes:

Charchingo logo 500px


in plays per month
This number is rapidly growing along with the popularity of the platform.
monthly revenue share in GRG
The revenue share for the platform is $80K GRG per month and growing.
avg. monthly growth rate
We are experiencing an average growth rate of 33% per month.