1. How do I make a wallet to manage my RUBYs?

2. How do I allow pop ups so I can make a wallet?

3. Why West Coast First?
Why not on the West Coast? Crypto businesses exist all around the world. We have the talent, experience and
enthusiasm to run this business from here . We also have a strong, supportive community. We believe this is an excellent chance to seed a new industry on the Coast, to bring new job types and resources, and help future proof our workforce.

4. Who is behind this effort?
Benjamin Dellaca. This Westport native cut his teeth in the retail world within the family business as part of Dellaca’s department store and then the very successful Postie Fashions. Ben went on to be a record-setting NZ Representative swimmer before building a number of successful businesses, including the world-class gaming business CerebralFix. As a Founder of the EPIC Westport Centre, Ben is now looking to take on the blockchain world from here on the West Coast of New Zealand.

5. What do I get for my investment?
Aside from VIP status, you immediately get an allocation of RUBYs at a discounted rate. This also buys you equity in our business. It is important to note that you will also receive an equal allocation of RUBYs 12 months after your initial purchase.

How will these funds be spent?
Growing the gaming turnover in the network by attracting new customers and building new services and technology to add further excitement to the Ruby program.

Can I trust the RUBY token?
Yes, we are for real. We are sick of Bitcoin scams too, so we decided to get involved. We are here to debunk and simplify the blockchain industry so that everyday coasters can get involved in this new space. We are based in EPIC Westport and invite anyone interested to walk in and chat with us.