What is Strawberry Sweeps?

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Strawberry Sweeps is an online sweepstakes platform giving users the opportunity to win fiat currency, with entries obtainable through social slot machine rewards and allocations on in-game currency purchases. The platform features a range of social casino styled slot machine games that will be the entry gateway for sweepstakes.

The Strawberry Social Casino will be available for everyone to play, and will be operating on the Ruby Play Network Desktop and mobile gaming platform with the in-game Strawberry currency.


The Sweepstakes platform

The sweepstakes will be the main attraction for the platform. Users will have the chance to win stakes with entries granted on in-game currency purchases, as well as rewards on the social casino styled crypto slot games. Fiat currency rewards are only featured on sweepstakes, and don't apply to the slot games.


Play crowd favourites - Classic social casino oriented

Kicking off the launch of the online social casino, the platform has crowd favourites including:

pot of gold intro

Pot of Gold

The featured game on the platform, a game with 5 slots requiring users to match certain sequences for rewards including a series of jackpots, multipliers, and free spins.

Jack's Wild Nightmare

Derived from the Disney fan-favourite character Jack Skellington, the game revolves around a halloween-themed classic slot machine requiring players to land sequenced matches out of 5 slots - with an addition of Wild Power abilities.

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Gem Booster

A slots game requiring players to land sequenced matches out of 3 slots. The game is gem/fruit themed with vibrant colours, and allows leveling progress.

The Ruby Races

A horse racing themed game, with icons representing the simulation, consisting of 3 slots for users to match certain sequences for rewards.

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Candy Cash Spin intro image

Candy Cash Spin

A candy themed slots game with a series of different sized jackpots for landing specific sequences, as well as multipliers granted on other sequenced matches out of the 5 slots provided.

There are a total of 19 games available to play on the platform, and are subject to change or be added to in the future.