What is Spin2Win?

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We have re-released the popular social casino blockchain game with a twist - an NFT Edition. Spin2Win is just as good as before, but now offers a new jackpot reward for all players to try their luck on winning - an exclusive digital art piece from NFT expert @Boomer_gm’s personal collection.

Our crypto gaming platform now features a classic rewards spinner, that implements the $RUBY token as a reward for lucky winners, with up to 10,000 for grabs as well as an exclusive NFT. You can play the game every 24 hours and only requires a wallet and email address verification to spin the wheel!


Gameplay & rewards

The game works just the same as a classic social casino spinner, players click spin and the wheel turns at specific speed until momentum is stopped by the user and the wheel slows down, landing on one of the rewards, or no reward.

You can spin the social crypto casino wheel once every 24 hours for a continued chance at receiving a reward. The rewards comprise 100, 500, 1k, and 10k bundles of $RUBY tokens, as well as the exclusive NFT jackpot. Lower chances are applied rewards respective of exclusivity and amount.


Further releases for Spin2Win

PuriPets NFTs are going to be available for users to win on the wheel as well once released. Just as the game was re-released with the NFT Edition, we may endeavour to add varying twists with more blockchain gaming partnerships, which may be seasonal or limited in the future. This is to keep the game updated and refreshed for the players to earn new rewards that could include exclusive NFTs from different creators, as well $RUBY - being the mainstay token of the platform.

Details and releases are subject to change in the future.