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The Ruby Play Network has created an online social crypto casino comprising classic free crypto games, including Spin2Win and the upcoming Strawberry Sweeps. We aim to become the number one online social casino styled cryptoslots by using our $RUBY native token as the reward for all games across both our PC and mobile gaming platform. As we have endeavoured to implement blockchain technology, this has made betting anonymous on our platform, with the only requirement to play being a wallet and email address respectively.

The payout of each game is conducted through our $RUBY token, which will be the mainstay currency across all blockchain gaming partnerships enlisted in the future. As with any social casino, the rewards and prize amounts will vary, but once the RUBY token is listed in early 2022, users will have the ability to trade their winnings like most other blockchain-based currencies.


Who made the social casino?

The platform is owned and operated by Christchurch, New Zealand-based gaming and entertainment industry experts here at the Ruby Play Network.

Past and current developments

We have been involved in the tech development space for the past decade, with the network incorporated in NZ as well as our social casino platforms in the US. We have proven our expertise with the results we have achieved for our past clients, as well as in our own productions, including the Wild Ruby Casino, and the Charchingo platform. Charchingo is one of the fastest-growing online gaming platforms in the US, with an average of $5 Million USD in monthly play volume and a 33% increase in earnings each month.

We have our own betting operator within the US called 123 Gaming, delivering social contest organization for businesses, as well as the 123racing and 123bet platforms.

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Why we made the social crypto casino?

We enjoy rewarding our loyal users, as that's how we believe every gaming platform should be, instead of the current microtransaction filled industry that provides no tangible value to in-game items purchased with fiat currency. We want to revolutionize rewards point programs by using blockchain technology to allow you to earn exchangeable tokens that hold tangible value.


The social crypto casino offering for developers and players with $RUBY

RUBY was created with the purpose of rewarding players for engagement on the platform, and as a retainer for developers. This is the core of our proposition, and stems from the belief that we don’t agree with the operation of current points programs and how they unfairly disadvantage the players. The token is built on the Binance Smart Chain and is the basis for our loyalty crypto rewards within the RPN ecosystem.

Control your rewards

We have designed the tokenomics to allow you as the holder to make decisions on how your winnings are spent, as we believe the people interacting with the platform should have a choice over the rewards they win.

A fully-transparent token like this is rarely seen in current rewards programs, we wanted to give players the chance to earn crypto rewards with our upcoming free social casino games, with the choice on how they are spent. The $RUBY token isn’t just another cryptocurrency, it will have many utilities across the board for applications listed on our platform.

Spend & earn winnings on our free crypto games

$RUBY is a cross-platform currency that allows the holder to choose how it's spent, whether you want to keep it or spend it is up to you, as the listing strategy will commence in early 2022, allowing RUBYs to be exchangeable with many various currency options.

It is our goal to provide a transparent and rewarding platform for our user-base, with a range of free social casino styled cryptoslots applications to choose from. Participants require nothing other than an email address and wallet to play in our online crypto gambling games, within the Ruby Play Network.


Hit the jackpot at our social casino!

Most of our games have a lead up to a jackpot. A substantial reward that trumps all others and will be the most difficult to achieve but entirely possible for anyone who plays.

Our latest addition to the platform - Spin2Win - is a classic rewards spinner with a jackpot that anyone can potentially hit, consisting of an exclusive digital art piece from NFT expert @Boomer_gm’s personal collection.

Sweepstakes - stakes & free social crypto casino

Strawberry Sweeps is our latest endeavour for the social crypto casino, a sweepstakes platform with a variety of social casino styled slot games for users to test their luck, with the goal of achieving sequenced slots to earn rewards. Entries into the sweepstakes will only be granted through the rewards earned from the in-game slot machines, or buying the Strawberry Sweeps currency, and will not be available through any other means.

The game is set to release very soon, and will provide you with another use-case for your $RUBY tokens.

Future partnerships on the social casino

The partnerships will steadily increase, and will include developers, gaming creators, metaverse projects and blockchain experts. As our platform is built on the listing of free crypto games, it's important we bring in authentic partners wherever beneficial, to grow the user base and spread the $RUBY token offering to more verticals.


Using the Binance Smart Chain to improve gaming rewards

The $RUBY token is built on the BSC, as it is the most widely used blockchain besides Ethereum, offering low fees and fast transaction processing times. This is beneficial for our social crypto casino as loyal users will most likely be transacting several times per session.

Because the Ruby token is built on the Binance Smart Chain architecture, we can effectively list our token on various exchanges. This option opens up a world of possibilities for players, as they can exchange and trade the rewards earned into various different currencies.

This is a stark contrast to other limiting rewards platforms and is what makes crypto gaming tokens like the RUBY, a superior option for participants of the online social casino styled cryptoslots and other gaming platforms within the Ruby Play Network.