What is Ruby Sweeper?

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Ruby Sweeper is currently under going upgrades. We have a surprise or two in store, stay tuned!



Ruby Sweeper is another blockchain game enlisted on the Ruby Play Network Desktop and mobile gaming platform, featuring a Minesweeper-Esque system that allows daily interaction with no restriction or limit on plays. Your highest score after 24 hours is recorded and the respective reward amount is given to the nominated wallet.


Gameplay & rewards

The game works very similar to how the classic Minesweeper is played, you can choose up to 5 different difficulty levels, from simple to extreme and the game begins. A board of grey tiles will appear that will be clickable by the player, revealing either an empty space, number, or bomb, of which the number indicates how many bomb tiles are touching the tile you have just flipped.

An additional flagging feature allows you to flag a tile that possibly has a bomb under it, with the game ending if a tile flips with a bomb under it - letting off an explosion and prompting the end. Chests are scattered throughout the board, and it is your goal to find every one without flipping a bomb, in order to receive the RUBY reward.

There is a jackpot chest containing a substantial amount of $RUBY, keep your eyes peeled for that!


Claiming your reward

If you were lucky enough to find all the chests, a code will be generated, which after creating your RUBY Wallet, needs to be sent in the Ruby Play Network discord channel along with your wallet ID and score - the tokens will be given accordingly.

To be ready in case you win, come join the Discord!