What is PuriPets?

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The upcoming P2E gaming application we have planned containing earnable NFTs is PuriPets, revolving around the exploration of the environment in pursuit of finding Puri-Eggs, of which hold the hatchable NFTs.

The PuriPets game is set to release in early 2022, around the same time as the RUBY token listing event. The use-cases for RUBY and the NFTs aren’t just value oriented, they will have other utilities that are yet to be confirmed as we get closer to releasing the full version of the game.


Gameplay & rewards

We have uploaded a video of how the game will run and what the main goal is within it. The game is played in birds-eye view, as you are placed on a block of land that needs to be built gradually as you progress into finding Puri-Eggs. The eggs will contain one of the 1,000 exclusive NFTs created for the game. These digital pets are 1 of 1 and will be tradeable on an NFT marketplace as development progresses.

The game is still in beta so aspects are subject to change, but it all boils down to the NFT pets available for players who use effort and time to seek out these animals. As part of our blockchain-based rewards platform, it won’t just be RUBY token retainers, NFTs are a new technology in the blockchain space that proposes earnable exclusiveness we are aiming to implement ourselves and with partners.

PuriPets main- ogo

Why implement NFTs?

NFTs that lack tangible value are arguably just pixels on a screen. We intend to utilize the minting process with NFTs, adding value to in-game items that are tradeable on the open market, with the PuriPets game currently in development.