Play-to-earn crypto games on the Ruby Play Network platform



Users of the Ruby Play Network ecosystem will have the ability to earn $RUBY tokens in many ways on our crypto rewards platform, through upcoming games like PuriPets.

Many of our games enlisted on the platform are free-to-play, presenting the opportunity for you to earn rewards for no cost, of which will have differing utilities on each game that requests $RUBY to be part of their economy. The token will be listed within Q1 of 2022, allowing users to exchange RUBYs via a CEX.

We aim for our platform to be the hub for accessing a variety of different play-to-earn crypto games, that all have retaining attributes with the $RUBY token, by presenting an option that puts traditional microtransactions to shame, with an exchangeable currency for in-game items.


What does P2E gaming mean for RUBY?

Play-to-Earn crypto games are a subset of blockchain gaming, a feature that some applications possess giving users ways to earn different assetized in-game items that can be exchanged for fiat currency or other tokens.

With the use of P2E gaming, and the $RUBY token, we will be allowing users to earn a valued currency for free just through playing one of the games with crypto rewards on the Ruby Play Network.

This way, not only are our listed applications for entertainment, but are also profitable with the bonus of possible asset earning. Considering how much real-time is spent on playing games today, why not earn some tokens at the same time?


Earn blockchain rewards with NFTs

NFTs are a key part of P2E gaming, seen in many projects that have recently been developed in the blockchain space. The Ruby Play Network plans to house many games with crypto rewards in the future with NFT adoption, as they can be made into exclusive, non-interchangeable forms of digital assets. Considering the recent hype around the inception of NFT crypto, projects are beginning to use them for tangible purposes like in-game collectibles that players can earn or win. We are choosing to bring them onto the network to add exclusivity and tangible value to our in-game items. Not only can you earn $RUBY tokens that will be a utility-based currency in itself, but NFTs will also be on the agenda for us to provide yet another valued item for users to earn on the respective games with crypto rewards.


What is an NFT?

An NFT is a non-fungible token, an asset of data using smart contracts on a ledgered blockchain to store its unique identity. These tokens cannot be replicated or copied, as the NFT goes through proof-of-ownership to ensure authenticity with the owner.

They can come in any form of data file, like a photo, video, drawings, or other files, but are merging with the gaming industry at an exponential rate through the assetizing of in-game avatars, and items. As we are a blockchain gaming rewards platform, we are among those projects adopting the new technology, and are soon to release our first NFT minting game - PuriPets.

We will endeavour to include NFTs on our network, and with our blockchain gaming partnerships in the future. The possibilities are endless with their asset nature, also allowing it to be sold on the open market.


Blockchain gaming on the Ruby Play Network

The Ruby Play Network social casino

Our platform currently has 2 social casino games, as well as the RUBY Giveaway offering that are free-to-play, giving you an opportunity to win $RUBY and exclusive NFTs free of cost. They only require a login before you can begin earning rewards. More applications with classic social casino interactions will be available as the platform progresses, as we want to allow everyone in the blockchain space to play and earn $RUBY with our loyalty program.

The loyalty program presents the process of making $RUBY a cross-application currency, being used for different purposes at the developer’s discretion, and earnable on multiple games, as well as the upcoming crypto staking rewards platform.

Play-to-earn crypto games with NFTs

We currently have an RPG (Role-Playing Game) in beta that will be launching with exclusive NFTs we have designed ourselves, and are earnable by the player. The game is going to utilize the crypto gaming tokens in a way that is yet to be released, meaning the token will also be earnable within the game, along with an NFT.

RPGs are huge in the gaming industry genres, as many users wish to play something that they can’t do in the real world, or simply for a game built on progression and attributes. Earning valued assets like an exclusive NFT through playtime is an incentive in itself, but gives players a reason to stay engaged.


Why play our games with crypto rewards?

The Ruby Play Network presents a new take on P2E gaming, with our $RUBY token offering, and the ability to earn token rewards on all games that are enlisted in the future. We want our loyalty program to be recognised by players and game developers across the board, as the proposal benefits both parties in the gaming industry.

Playing any game on our platform can potentially net you $RUBY tokens, whether its through the social crypto casino games or the upcoming NFT games. Our first play-to-earn NFT game and $RUBY token will be launching early 2022, which will be the kick-start of the unique loyalty offering we possess!