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Choose from a range of free mobile blockchain games to start playing and earning $RUBY tokens. Your tokens are yours to control, and can be used on any programs we have enlisted on our Ruby Play Network - the ultimate crypto gaming platform.

Our ecosystem is built for all game developers, allowing you to incorporate our loyalty program into your business - incentivizing your customer base to play on a regular basis. All future partnerships will be eligible to gain RUBYs tokens to give to their customers as rewards.


Current crypto games in play

The Ruby Play Network currently has 2 free-to-play games. Both games give the user the chance to win a bundle of $RUBY tokens through a classic social casino interaction.

Our social casino games contain themed jackpots, which users can potentially hit every 24 hours. This means every day, if you play both games, that's 2 chances of receiving $RUBY tokens.

Spin2Win - NFT edition

We have re-released a community favorite - Spin2Win - with a twist! Titled NFT Edition, the game features a classic rewards spinner, with rewards including bundles of $RUBY tokens from 100 up to 10,000, and exclusive digital art pieces from NFT expert BOOMERs’ personal collection.


Ruby Sweeper

Ruby Sweeper is another social crypto casino game enlisted on the Ruby Play Network, featuring Minesweeper-style gameplay, where users have to reveal all treasure chests by flipping over tiles, without clicking the dreaded bomb!

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An upcoming online crypto sweepstakes platform and NFT game

We have two new games lined up for a release in early 2022. Both games are within the NFT gaming and online crypto gambling sectors, providing our users with disparity and freedom of choice among applications.

PuriPets - NFT game

PuriPets is a play-to-earn crypto game on the Polygon Network featuring the implementation of NFTs, a first for the Ruby Play Network. The game revolves around finding Puri-Eggs; the attachable items containing one of 1,000 exclusive NFTs.

Strawberry Sweeps - Sweepstake & Social Casino

Strawberry Sweeps is the latest endeavor for the network; an online sweepstakes platform, with a variety of social casino styled cryptoslots machine games, playable with the in-game currency.


Charchingo - online gaming platform

Ruby Play Network is partnering with Charchingo: one of the fastest-growing online gaming platforms in the US, that currently has $5 million flowing through it, increasing by 33% each month. The platform offers a wide range of online gambling applications that users can play, and will be one of the first to incorporate RUBY for initial player base feedback.


What are crypto games?

The term entails games with crypto rewards in the form of NFTs or currencies, defined as a program containing digitized in-game assets. These items can be acquired and either held or sold for cryptocurrency, in exchange for other tokens on the same chain, or real money via a registered exchange.

We’ve seen an exponential increase in the popularity of blockchain gaming, and the adoption of traditional game developers is taking place, which we aim to be at the forefront of.

The opportunity created by blockchain technology for traditional games

With the Ethereum Network and Binance Smart Chain arguably creating the foundation for enthusiasts like us to build on blockchains, it has proposed many opportunities for the gaming industry especially, to benefit off blockchain technology.

The direct impact of blockchain processes on traditional game development stems from the fact that data loaded on a chain cannot be altered or removed, meaning any potential hacks on databases or theft are greatly reduced through the use of smart contracts.

Having system information shared across multiple networks encourages users to play knowing there isn’t a single controller that can directly change the foundational code for the program.

What this means for Ruby Play Network partners

Since all partners are merging their applications with the new technology to create a blockchain game, it relieves the process of checking what 3rd party security they would’ve otherwise enlisted, as we know the capabilities of blockchain and what comes with secured contracts. Game developers can now utilize the $RUBY innovation as part of your user retainership, which all mobile games listed will be authorized to implement.

How does it work?

Users of the Ruby Play Network will be able to earn $RUBY through a variety of blockchain games, with the ability to trade it on an exchange. As opposed to how traditional games are made with micro-transactions or rewards, items are confined to the game and cannot be sold externally or for real-cash in any way.

Decentralization of gaming

Crypto gaming is decentralized, meaning governance is spread across a network, community, or other specific group that holds a controlling entity like $RUBY as one of its utilities is holder governing on how rewards are spent.

In-game items can therefore be assetized to give users tangible value with their purchases that usually improve user experience through customization of avatars, skins, or weapons for example.

The secure transacting of the $RUBY token

All transactions corresponding to listed crypto games are done using smart contract verification, along with each interaction stored and run through blocks on the chain. You can think of a block as a ledger page, as it records data and stores it permanently using transaction hashes.

Through the use of blockchain data storing, and the security that comes with it; users of any gaming application enlisted with Ruby Play Network will be able to effectively earn assetized crypto gaming tokens.


Why Ruby Play Network created a blockchain game rewards network

The team wanted to revolutionize the waypoints programs are run, and by using blockchain technology we will be offering a secure system that allows players to earn an asset separate from the application, but can still be used within it.

Crypto gaming presents its advantages, which we have designed our platform around, in order to give players a “go-to” spot to access a variety of rewarding games comprising online crypto gambling, and role-play-oriented atmospheres.


The proposition with blockchain gaming

Giving you as the players the ability to earn while you play with an innovative loyalty program is what we built the platform for, as well as providing partnership opportunities for game developers who struggle to retain their user-base and incentivize engagement.

We didn’t accept the way current programs operate in the crypto gaming industry, and wanted to create an interactive network for both developers and players alike, with both parties benefiting as opposed to payouts and rules determined by a developer or centralized entity.

We aim to revolutionize how points programs are run, by providing an opportunity for developers to merge their games with blockchain technology, as a way of retaining the player base with loyalty rewards. These rewards will be utilized across a range of online crypto games, with current and future blockchain gaming partnerships.