Becoming a Ruby Evangelist


We have created an application template outlining all the qualities we look for in our potential community evangelists, of which anyone has the opportunity to apply.

This process of authentication will help us get to know our applicants better, and to ensure that we are bringing on committed members. The form is confidential between us and you, and we will reach out if you are accepted.

Do you have a passion for the Ruby Play Network? Do you want to earn free RUBYs up to, and after the listing in Q1 2022?

If this sounds like you, and you're a master of our crypto rewards platform ready to shine, we ask that you fill out the form, and become a helping member of the community!


The qualities of a Ruby evangelist

  • Have a good understanding of the Ruby Play Network and its vision.
  • Asks questions if unsure or have a proposition for community-related developments.
  • Stay supportive of the project, regardless of blockchain or market volatility.
  • Everyone cannot be pleased, so professionalism and reasoning is needed.
  • Any questions that can’t be answered to be directed to the team.
  • All commitments are upheld until finished; none left in open air.
  • Above all, you enjoy the time being a part of the core community and its future.

The list is full...

We aren't looking for any Evangelists right now, but head to our Telegram to stay up to date!