Become a part of the team by growing the community!


The Ruby Play Network has seen very positive feedback from the result of our hard work put forward to create the crypto rewards platform that will benefit the community as a whole, and we are pleased to present our Evangelists Program to you.

We want to reward our loyal members who aim to help grow the community and improve its reputation as the platform progresses.

We are excited to launch the recruitment titled Ruby Evangelists Program, it will be a way of providing our community growth contributors with appreciation and a name amongst the holders, through moderation and shilling.


The Ruby evangelists program

Our evangelists are tasked with reaching out to external networks, in pursuit of attracting new members to our community. Spread the word regarding the RUBY crypto gaming tokens and what the platform has in place for game developers and enthusiasts.

All social networks are beneficial, whether it be Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, or Private Groups, our crowdfunding details are there for anyone interested in becoming invested in the making of Ruby Play Network’s future. Getting in touch with start-up or solidified companies are good connections for our current blockchain gaming partnerships, as well as bringing in any potential moderators for our expanding community.

Of course, along with the $RUBY token utility, feedback and opinions on our developments with the platform are 100% welcome, and we will definitely be taking on any honest suggestions our user base raises.

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The evangelists rewards

As we are a loyalty program by nature, it provides an easier process for us to grant rewards and perks for the members helping us grow as a community. We want everyone a part of the program to be compensated accordingly and to feel like they are part of the team as they truly are.

We have laid out some perks for all program partners including:

  • RUBY token rewards
  • Direct communication with the team for questions or feedback
  • Bonuses are given to referring new investors and partners
  • Early access to upcoming features and updates on the platform
  • Access to team AMA’s conducted monthly for development progress
  • Exclusive gifts and offers
  • More to come in the future

A new proposition for the community

The team is thrilled to have the opportunity to present this additional crypto rewards program to our loyal community members, as a new connection towards our user-base. Our current ecosystem has an amazing following that we, along with you guys I’m sure, are excited to expand as we expand our project’s grasp on the gaming and blockchain industries alike.

Thank you,

Ruby Play Network Team