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How do I set up a wallet for my $RUBY game coin holding?

What is the RUBY token contract address?

The contract address for RUBY is 0xf7722aA0714096f1FB5ef83e6041CEBB4d58a08e You can view this on BSCScan.

What is the benefit of holding the $RUBY token?

You will be able to use the tokens across a variety of games, as well as future offers and exclusive promotions. The earnable token will be launching early 2022 for you to exchange it on listings planned and marketed.

Is there an official Twitter page for RPN?

There certainly is, you can get the latest updates and information on the Ruby Play Network on our official Twitter here:

Are all the games free-to-play?

Yes, unless specified otherwise, all games are indeed free for users to play. The only requirement is an email and wallet address respectively; for rewards earned.

How do I find the community Telegram channel?

The Official Telegram channel for the Ruby Play Network is

What devices can I play on the Ruby Play Network with?

All games on the platform can be played using IOS and Android devices, as well as desktop software including Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Who is behind the innovation?

Benjamin Dellaca - Residing in Westport, New Zealand. Kick-starting his career in retail with family business; Dellaca’s Department Store, and successful Postie Fashions. Ben then became a leading NZ representative swimmer through many records set, before starting a string of businesses leading up to the Ruby Play Network. Creating world-renowned gaming business CerebralFix, he wanted to merge the gaming industry with blockchain technology to create a mobile gaming platform offering innovative loyalty rewards. He is bringing, along with the team, worldwide recognition to New Zealand and the entrepreneurs we have among us, in huge markets that are cryptocurrency and gaming.

Where can I find the play to earn games RPN offer?

We have our list of play to earn crypto games available on the website.

What is the RUBY token?

The RUBY Token is a decentralized loyalty rewards token built on the Binance Smart Chain. It is the native blockchain gaming coin for the RPN and is available to earn easily via our play to earn games.

Can I earn RUBYs without playing games?

RUBYs can be earned in a multitude of ways, we regularly give out RUBYs via giveaways and competitions. Our giveaways page has further details on current promotions.

Can I win free NFTs from RPNs free-to-play games?

You heard right - Our SPIN2WIN game has NFTs for prizes and we also have PuriPets NFT Minting game for those looking for a new way to earn NFTs through playing.

Does RPN have a Discord?

Yes we do! Our discord channel is a great way to stay informed on all things RPN. You can join with the following link:

How do I get involved with the RPN?

We have a RPN evangelist program, come join the team at:

When is the RUBY token being listed?

Everything is underway for listing due for Q1 2022. Join one or all of our social channels to stay up to date with upcoming listing details.

What is the difference between the RUBY token launch and listing?

The RUBY token was launched on the Binance Smart Chain early 2021 in beta, but will be listed on exchanges in Q1 2022 so users can trade with other cryptocurrencies.

Can I mine more RUBYs?

All RUBYs are pre-mined; you will never be able to mine for a RUBY.

Where is the RPN based?

The Ruby Play Network is based out of Westport and Christchurch New Zealand, with team members all over the world.

I want to incorporate RUBYs into my own gaming platform - Is this possible?

The RUBY token utilizes blockchain technology and is able to fit within a vast range of existing platforms and services. You can find out more about our B2B proposition on our blockchain gaming partnerships pages.

Does RPN offer any social casino games?

Absolutely - We have a dedicated social crypto casino page on our website that can help you find more information.

I can’t see my RUBY’s in my Metamask or Trust wallet, where are they? 

If you don’t see the RUBYs you may need to add the token details to the wallet. Please review the set-up videos for your wallet to get the details. Here is the data you’ll need to add:


Network Name: RUBY


ChainID: 56

Block Explorer URL:

Our ruby: 0xf7722aA0714096f1FB5ef83e6041CEBB4d58a08e