Our team of game developers & industry renowned experts

Development at Ruby Play Network is split into two teams that work collaboratively, based in the South Island of New Zealand. The crypto gaming platform was founded in conjunction with our previous technical experience in many sectors of the gaming and entertainment industries alike, which provided the spark for our innovation with a next-gen loyalty program.

We have been a part of and approached by many companies for our development and business-to-business management expertise, as well as creating our own games and tech projects marketable through many relative companies and audiences.


Welcome to the Ruby community!

The Ruby Play Network entered the blockchain industry back in 2019, initiating the proposal of our revolutionary loyalty reward program we aim to offer to both game developers and players alike. We are conducting ongoing developments consistently to keep both our platform and applications updated and refreshed for our user-base, bringing on new blockchain game partnerships through our authentication, and new project process.

We have been very appreciative of the supportive community formed as a result of the platform, considering the $RUBY token will be listed in early 2022, we are amazed at the response and feedback we’ve received from our loyal players spanning back to 2014 with our first developed game, prompting us to create this program to give back to everyone who has been with us on the journey, and future members alike.


Meet the Executive team

Our leadership team is made up of four highly qualified and experienced gaming creators and professionals, that have been in their respective fields for a minimum of 10 years apiece, proving themselves with many successful projects and company clientele to date.

The structure of the team consists of two executive directors who are the acting CEO and COO, as well as a CGO and CTO. Our executive team helped start and bring the Ruby Play Network to where it is today, whilst possessing the necessary skillset to continue growing the proposition to an enterprise-level with our play-to-earn crypto games.

Together they have helped deliver game propositions that have generated over 80 million downloads in a span of just two weeks, for a variety of companies.

Benjamin Dellaca - CEO & Executive Director of Ruby Play Network

CEO & Executive Director

Benjamin Dellaca

Ben is an experienced business leader in the field of digital engagement and retention, building companies like Battlelink, Stickmen Studios, and CerebralFix. Ben has overseen the development of digital engagement products for major international clients, including BBC Worldwide, Disney, Dreamworks, and Lionsgate. Additionally, Ben regularly consults in the Healthcare, Education, and Casino industries.

Jeremy Cadillac Ruby - COO & Executive Director of Ruby Play Network

COO & Executive Director

Jeremy Cadillac

Jeremy is currently focused on growing gaming, blockchain, and tech business. An early investor in the social mobile space that likes to make the complex simple. Jeremy plays a key role in the design of the business strategy. Jeremy has held senior leadership positions including Director, CEO, COO, and GM in the Finance, Utility, Technology, Communications, and Gaming sectors for over 20 years.

Rob Carrol - CGO & Growth Officer of Ruby Play Network

CGO & Growth Officer

Rob Carrol

Rob focuses on the growth of the Ruby Network, with both the community and visibility in the blockchain space. Over the course of fifteen years, he has launched more than thirty games, as well as publishing and consulting on more than sixty others. Rob’s past projects include work with LucasArts, Zynga and he led the North American release of World of Tanks: Blitz for Wargaming. Previously, Rob ran the indie developer publishing fund for Tapjoy and built wagering platforms for online and physical casinos, including the Jackpot Fantasy game.

Gwyn Edwards - CTO & Technical Officer of Ruby Play Network

CTO & Technical Officer

Gwyn Edwards

From Advanced Treasury Technologies Limited to the giant that is PeopleSoft, Gwyn is a Senior IT Manager, having worked in many facets of the IT industry, including small startups, consulting firms, and large software houses. Gwyn is experienced in all dimensions of the software development lifecycle, from innovation through to commercialization. Gwyn is driven to find innovative solutions and loves working with creative people.


Meet the advisory team

The Ruby Play Network has two blockchain industry experts, specializing in their respective sectors, who have come on board to provide advisory for the business to ensure we are utilizing strategic partnerships, as well as keeping the integrity of the brand as a whole secured.

Alexis Yellow - Ruby Play Network advisor

Alexis Yellow

GSR & Yellow.org

Alexis is the founder of yellow.org and co-founder of GSR. GSR is a global leader in digital asset trading and market making firm famous for their contribution to the XRP token. Alexis is well renowned in the crypto world, making his mark early by being the first investor in the development of Ripple, and helping develop standardisation for various blockchain technologies.

Caleb Yeoh - Ruby Play Network advisor

Caleb Yeoh

Binance Australia, travalla.com

Caleb is a Blockchain industry veteran, he founded TravelByBit in Australia and then became a founding member of Binance Australia. Recently Caleb has also been an advisor to the successful Travala blockchain travel business. Caleb advises on Tokenomics, strategic partnerships, and communications.

David Oh - Ruby Play Network advisor

David Oh

CopyRight Bank

David is an Intellectual Property lawyer by trade, known for his IP management systems that he has rolled out across the APC region. David is also the founder of CopyrightBank, the world's first platform for stamping Intellectual Property onto a blockchain. David advises on Defi, Intellectual Property, and business modeling.

Jamison Selby - Ruby Play Network Advisor

Jamison Selby

Game Play Network

Jamison Selby is the current SVP of Games and Marketing at Game Play Network (GPN / b spot) and an international speaker and strategist at iGaming.
Jamison has helped bring over 85 different games to market via platforms such as PC, iOS, Android, Facebook, Browser, Blackberry, DVD, and much more.
In addition, Jamison has directly released over 65 real money gaming titles that include 15 applications on the iOS US App Store.


The game development teams

Our development is split into two experienced teams of mobile game developers and technology experts who have been in the respective industries for the last decade. Most gaming propositions and companies are born within America, Europe, and Asia, so following our passion for technology and our homeland, it was only right that we attract a worldwide audience to the country situated at the bottom of Oceania - New Zealand!


Christchurch team

The Ruby Play Network headquarters is based in the SALT district of Christchurch, the main city of NZ’s south island, and is the acting back-bone of the project. The team here comprises the core development unit, specializing in various sectors of gaming, blockchain, and gambling industries. We are responsible for bringing the structural integrity and systems to our partners, as well as the games we have enlisted on our revolutionary Ruby Play Network platform.

Ruby Play Network Westport team

Westport team

The counterpart of our Ruby Play Network team is based in the EPIC innovation campus situated on the west coast of New Zealand’s South Island and is at the forefront of the operation. The team comprises the communications unit, specializing in player management, and customer support for anything related to Ruby Play Network and its offerings. They are responsible for keeping our user-base supported for any developments and needs that may arise in the future.

Ruby Play Network Westport team

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Partnerships with gaming creators

We are always willing to enlist new visionary projects into the Ruby Play Network. We welcome gaming creators and innovators who want to join the blockchain industry, providing a framework for their games to provide the $RUBY retainer token as rewards to their loyal users. We aim to revolutionize the points programs for both online crypto gambling and traditional games and we believe that having a selection of different ideas, titles and partners is fundamental to driving engagement across the entire platform.

The Ruby Play Network comprises a social crypto casino and games program suite, available to all selected mobile game developers to join. As the token is decentralized, it proposes full transparency and poses no restrictions or expiration dates, unlike alternative reward platforms.


The Ruby community is always open to experts in mobile, game developers, and creators

We are growing exponentially, and are bringing on partnerships ranging from game developers, NFT creators, and experts, to our rewards platform. We aim to create a collaborative environment of projects and partners through the proven utility within the platform, utilizing the $RUBY game coin.

The team here at Ruby Play Network will always be on the lookout for strategic partnerships that will benefit both the platform and our loyal community, with consistent quality for all future games promised by our team of professional developers and industry experts.