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What is $RUBY?

The $RUBY token is a decentralized rewards token on the Binance Smart Chain. The token is used to reward players of blockchain games for their loyalty and play-time. $RUBY can be redeemed in addition to cryptocurrencies won in blockchain games, providing users with more value in rewards for their crypto gaming transactions - and developers the additional tokens to incentivise their player base further and drive engagement.









Rendering Current Loyalty Rewards Programs Obsolete

Traditional loyalty rewards programs lock rewards to a platform or merchant, and enforce strict criteria as to how those rewards are spent. With the $RUBY token, you can redeem your rewards on demand, and use or exchange them on your own terms.


Partnerships & Ecosystem

Our ecosystem is derived from creating effective partnerships that help support the growth of the $RUBY.

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The Ruby Play Network: A Decentralized Blockchain Gaming Platform

Operating independently from the native token, the Ruby Play Network (RPN) itself is the ecosystem of crypto gaming providers and projects using the $RUBY token as a reward for its users. The RPN platform is open for all to join, with any viable crypto project, crypto gaming platform, or programs - able to provide $RUBY blockchain rewards to its users.

Whilst also being builders of play to earn (P2E) crypto games, the RPN crypto gaming platform is not limited to in-house Ruby Play Network projects, making it laissez-faire and open to all. The network is where the gamers and developers are, with the $RUBY token providing as the bridge currency for playing and redeeming gaming rewards.


$RUBY for players

Get more for your money when playing crypto games or casinos that reward users in $RUBY. Not only do you get your deposit on that platform, you’ll also receive a pro-rata reward in $RUBY that you can either HODL, exchange for more play time, or simply trade through an exchange and cash out!


$RUBY for game developers

Want to increase your customer loyalty rewards program? Apply for access to adoption mining and reward your users with $RUBY tokens. Professional game developers can be provided $RUBY tokens from the adoption mining wallet as blockchain rewards for users that play on their platform, in addition to purchasing through market makers or the open market. $RUBY provides use for crypto gaming developers and players alike.


Strawberry Sweeps - Adopting blockchain loyalty for gamers with $RUBY

Strawberry - a blockchain gaming platform and social crypto casino partner - utilises the $RUBY to reward its players, in addition to cryptocurrency prizes such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT won through in-game plays & transactions.

Strawberry Sweeps provides liquidity to defi markets and furthers the decentralized nature of the token, acting independently from the Ruby Play Network and the $RUBY. Announcing blockchain gaming partnerships regularly, and continually pooling users of these platforms into the network - is the ultimate aim of the platform.


Adoption mining - Gaining value through increased engagement

The adoption mining wallet (40% of the total $RUBY supply), will be used to onboard new gaming communities. The $RUBY gaming and blockchain loyalty tokens within the wallet are locked within multisig wallets, with tokens only being released as to the consensus of the community and its confidence in a particular partnership with a crypto gaming platform. All adoption mining and project token transactions are viewable on the xPortal dashboard for complete transparency.


What does adoption mining do for $RUBY?

As new communities are onboarded, the users of those respective metaverse or blockchain games are then pooled into the Ruby Play Network, as they will be rewarded in $RUBY tokens for their play time and loyalty. This further drives the spend of the customers on these platforms, and the need for $RUBY from the respective gaming platforms can increase over time.


Improving customer loyalty programs > Increasing loyalty of users

There is a distinct lack of blockchain loyalty tokens that incorporate a variety of different blockchain gaming platforms. The $RUBY provides an added layer of interoperability to existing customer loyalty programs, and is designed to increase consumer confidence in adopting blockchain loyalty technology to traditional loyalty programs and online gaming concepts.


Staking RUBY Tokens or LPs

There are a variety of crypto staking rewards options available for the $RUBY token, provided by Strawberry. Put your $RUBY to work and help facilitate transactions on the blockchain.


Yield Farming $RUBY

Yield Farming is now available across the following exchanges:


The Ruby Wallet:
in partnership with Venly


Mini Roadmap

Our roadmap is soon to be released in full, however until that time we have released a sneak preview of what’s coming up over the next few months for the platform.

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April 2022

  • Strawberry Sweeps Beta platform launch
  • 75,000 Holders
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • PooCoin, BSCScan and DexTools Ads
  • New Blockchain Gaming Partnership #1

May 2022

  • New Blockchain Gaming Partnership
  • Further Talks and Lobbying of New Zealand Government
  • Strawberry Sweeps International Rollout

June 2022

  • PuriPets NFT Platform Update.
  • PuriPets NFT Gaming Pre-Alpha Release.
  • Further Blockchain Gaming Partnerships.
  • Binance Accelerator Fund Events.
  • Major CEX Listing

$RUBY: Not a standard BSC project

The $RUBY token has a business model behind it that sees over $6.5 Million USD in gaming turnover every month across the network. This has allowed for the platform to scale effectively prior to tokenization, with a $6.3 Million Hardcap completed in full in the lead-up to launch through compliant pre-sales with long-term vesting.


The Ruby Play Network Executive Team

Our leadership team is made up of four highly qualified and experienced gaming creators and professionals, that have been in their respective fields for a minimum of 10 years apiece, proving themselves with many successful projects and company clientele to date. The structure of the team consists of two executive directors who are the acting CEO and COO, as well as a CGO and CTO. Our executive team helped start and bring the Ruby Play Network to where it is today, whilst possessing the necessary skillset to continue growing the proposition to having enterprise-level technology. Together they have helped deliver game propositions that have generated over 80 million downloads in a span of just two weeks, for a variety of companies.
Benjamin Dellaca - CEO & Executive Director of Ruby Play Network

CEO & Executive Director

Benjamin Dellaca

Ben is an experienced business leader in the field of digital engagement and retention, building companies like Battlelink, Stickmen Studios, and CerebralFix. Ben has overseen the development of digital engagement products for major international clients, including BBC Worldwide, Disney, Dreamworks, and Lionsgate. Additionally, Ben regularly consults in the Healthcare, Education, and Casino industries.

Jeremy Cadillac Ruby - COO & Executive Director of Ruby Play Network

COO & Executive Director

Jeremy Cadillac

Jeremy is currently focused on growing gaming, blockchain, and tech services. An early investor in the social mobile space that likes to make the complex simple. Jeremy plays a key role in the design of the business strategy. Jeremy has held senior leadership positions including Director, CEO, COO, and GM in the Finance, Utility, Technology, Communications, and Gaming sectors for over 20 years.

Rob Carrol - CGO & Growth Officer of Ruby Play Network

CGO & Growth Officer

Rob Carrol

Rob focuses on the growth of the Ruby Network, with both the community and visibility in the blockchain space. Over the course of fifteen years, he has launched more than thirty games, as well as publishing and consulting on more than sixty others. Rob’s past projects include work with LucasArts, Zynga and he led the North American release of World of Tanks: Blitz for Wargaming. Previously, Rob ran the indie developer publishing fund for Tapjoy and built wagering technology platforms for online services and physical casinos, including the Jackpot Fantasy game.

Gwyn Edwards - CTO & Technical Officer of Ruby Play Network

CTO & Technical Officer

Gwyn Edwards

From Advanced Treasury Technologies Limited to the giant that is PeopleSoft, Gwyn is a Senior IT Manager, having worked in many facets of the IT industry, including small startups, consulting firms, and large software houses. Gwyn is experienced in all dimensions of the software development & technology lifecycle, from innovation through to commercialization. Gwyn is driven to find innovative solutions and loves working with creative people.


Project Links and Staying Connected

Check out the $RUBY whitepaper, and official community groups to learn more about the Ruby Play Network, and the native token.

$RUBY communities are found within Telegram, Discord, and on Twitter!