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Ruby Play Networks innovative
blockchain-based rewards platform

Ruby Play Network: the next-gen crypto gaming platform powered by Binance blockchain technology, providing game developers with the native utility-driven token $RUBY.

The blockchain-based rewards platform presents a retaining token for crypto games developed with the Ruby Play Network and partners, which can be used for transparent token rewards across multiple applications.

We specialize in Play to Earn (P2E) blockchain games, with two currently available to play on our site, and have been provided backing by Binance Accelerator Fund, and market makers, plus a variety of New Zealand-based investors.

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The benefit to players and investors

You, the player, have complete control of your tokens with no expiry. With the Ruby Play Network, you can liberate loyalty rewards. Take your rewards global.

Control Your Rewards

You decide how to use your rewards. We don’t dictate or control reward expenditure for holders of the RUBY token, they’re your crypto rewards so it's only fair that our community has a choice in how their RUBYs are managed.

This type of privilege is rarely applied to projects nowadays, especially on any traditional loyalty points program currently live. We want to detach the standard of developer control on cryptocurrency and give choice to the users who engage with the platform.

Rewards are permanently recorded

Most points systems need to clear out old stored points. They have the right to expire points after a period of time if you don’t use them, removing the control from the receiver and holder.

The RUBY token cannot be expired by the partner that gave you the reward, it is yours, and it is permanently recorded on the blockchain ledger for you indefinitely.

Cross-platform interoperability within the Ruby Play Network

We aim to bring many partners into our blockchain-based rewards platform, and $RUBY will be the universal native token for every game built with Ruby Play Network. All products developed within the platform will effectively be compatible with your rewards token holdings.

Earn rewards on one P2E gaming environment, and you can use the same rewards on another seamlessly. It is entirely up to you as the player how you utilize your RUBY rewards within the Ruby Play Network and beyond.

Typical platforms that possess points systems are centralized, meaning any rewards earned are confined to that specific platform, and cannot be used externally or withdrawn into a universal wallet for usage elsewhere. Ruby Play Network and the RUBY token offer a viable and sustainable solution for businesses and consumers alike.


The benefit to desktop and mobile game developers

Desktop and Mobile Game Developers alike, now have access to a unique crypto gaming platform that allows players to be rewarded using the highly secure Binance Smart Chain network. Furthermore, RUBY tokens will open the door for retaining your user base with a currency separate from your business.


Keep your company balance

Typically speaking, reward points in alternative platforms form a balance sheet liability and need to be accounted for by the company accordingly.

With the Ruby Play Network and Ruby rewards, there is no impact to the company's balance sheet as users directly hold and own their rewards.

Through the advancements in blockchain technology and smart contracts, $RUBY are automatically distributed to the players, and partner companies also gain additional RUBYs to give to their customers.

Security ensured

The RUBY rewards token will effectively be the main currency that flows through your development. It will be operated on a public blockchain ledger, and does not require moderation or input by any outside influence. This is a part of our innovative blockchain-based gaming platform, created to ensure the utmost security and protection, for the benefit of you and your customers that use the RUBY token.

Generally, creating a complex and secure database is no easy task, with other platforms utilizing services that are not regulated or as secure as blockchain is known to be. This is known to increase susceptibility to intrusions such as hacks, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), privacy breaches, and stolen data. The distributed nature of the blockchain and the BSC architecture that RUBYs are built on mitigate a large element of that risk.


Marketing that powers itself

Discover how our blockchain gaming partnerships become eligible to gain additional RUBY tokens to give to their user base. Not only do we allow the players to earn rewards but you as developers can also obtain extra tokens to distribute to your player base.

This is something that is rarely seen in most reward platforms that require continuous cost and operating expenditure when providing players with in-game and loyalty rewards. With our proposal, the blockchain has done the hard work for you, and RUBYs require no additional cost on your end to utilize and offer to your users.


Adoption mining: Gaining value through increased engagement

The $RUBY token has been created to operate symbiotically with the Ruby Play Network and as such, as the network scales over time and adoption of the RUBY token increases along with it, so does the inherent value of the RUBY token.

We call this adoption mining and is what offers a point of difference between RUBY and other rewards systems or token offerings. The value of the token is tied directly to the success of the Ruby Play Network as a whole.

As the network increases its blockchain gaming partnerships and experiences an increase in users holding the token - RUBY will naturally provide more value to the holders in possession of it.


Backed by Binance through their Accelerator Fund

Binance - the world's largest exchange by volume with over 1.5 million daily users, has invested in the Ruby Play Network as part of their Binance Accelerator Fund. Binance is seeking to help scale blockchain technology for real-life use cases, bridging the gap between blockchain and various different industries to increase adoption.

We are proud to be the first New Zealand company to be supported by the leading crypto exchange. This offer was used respectively, to further the development of our blockchain and mobile gaming platform. This early investment provided by Binance allowed us to scale faster, which has been reflected in an average of $5 million USD played through our US gaming division on a monthly basis.

Binance investing in the Ruby Play Network provided us with the ideal foundation to begin revolutionizing the gaming industry with our blockchain-based rewards platform.


Track Ruby tokens with our own wallet

We are compatible with most industry-leading wallets, such as MetaMask and TrustWallet, along with any BSC-compatible wallet. We have also created a dedicated wallet specifically to store your RUBY tokens, to easily secure and track your holdings. Tokens will be purchasable through future planned exchange listings, and through earning rewards from the titles that are a part of the Ruby Play Networks platform. These rewarded and purchased tokens, can be stored safely in your dedicated RUBY wallet and are accessible at any time.

Our free-to-play online crypto gaming platform

The Ruby Play Network has provided multiple options for players to earn RUBY tokens, without expenditure, in a way that is fun and rewarding.

Our game titles and services offering RUBY rewards will develop over time and we will bring additional titles to the platform that will provide more opportunities for you to earn more rewards, whilst playing your favorite games.


Rewarding loyalty across the world with the Ruby Play Network blockchain gaming platform

Why should crypto games want to feature on the Ruby Play Network?

The Ruby Play Network was built to help great content get seen. By attracting and retaining players through our innovative reward system, we help make crypto games more successful.

The Ruby Play Network features a blockchain gaming platform that takes the new technology and incorporates it with an industry that can arguably benefit the most with its use. By using the RUBY cryptocurrency as an incentive, we gain trust with our customers who continuously spend time on our games, in a way that honors their time invested. Combine this with the value gained across the ecosystem, and we create a cycle of loyalty between us, the users, and the developers.

As detailed in our whitepaper, the $RUBY proposition opens the door for developers to gain a foothold in the gaming and blockchain industry alike, through our loyalty token awarded to players. It solves the problem preventing many businesses from retaining their customers, with a reward that is valuable to use on a blockchain gaming platform that is governed by the owner.